Packing list

Stuff to bring with you!

Linens (sheets and towels) if not purchased with reservation.      Towles for the dock.     Bring your own life jackets!
Even if a home has a kayak or canoe, please bring your own Personal Flotation Devices that are fitted to you. Always think about safety first!!     Cell phones/chargers as most homes no longer have a landline.     All homes provide some type of TV service, but some have air antennas. Be sure to check if it is important to have Satellite or Cable TV.     Internet- most properties now have Internet, but if Wi-Fi is not offered, most cell phones can be turned into a hot spot.

Condiments     Paper Plates     Napkins       Paper Towels     Toilet Paper     Dish soap/pellets     Toiletries     Suntan Lotion/ Block Bathing Suit     Sunglasses      Medications      Bug spray    Umbrellas      Camera     Cooler     Fishing Equipment     Water toys / Kayak    First Aid Kit     Dock towels     Dock chairs
Stuff to leave at home!
Friends who are not listed on your Rental Agreement     Pets to a non-pet friendly house     Tents, Travel Trailers, or RVs     Fireworks  Firewood from outside of Virginia