Packing list

Stuff to bring with you!

Linens (sheets and towels) if not purchased with reservation.      Towels for the dock.     Bring your own life jacket!
Even if a home has a kayak or canoe, please bring your own Personal Flotation Devices that are fitted to you. Always think about safety first!!     Cell phones/chargers as most homes no longer have a landline.     All homes provide some TV service, but some have air antennas. Be sure to check if it is important to have Satellite or Cable TV.     Internet-: most properties now have Internet, but if Wi-Fi is not offered, most cell phones can be turned into a hot spot.   For pet friendly homes, we ask that you keep pets off the furniture! We realize some pets may not comply. If that is the case, please pack sheets to cover and protect the home's furniture.

Condiments     Paper Plates     Napkins       Paper Towels     Toilet Paper     Dish soap/pellets     Toiletries     Suntan Lotion Bathing Suit     Sunglasses      Medications      Bug spray    Umbrellas      Camera     Cooler     Fishing Equipment     Water toys / Kayak    First Aid Kit     Dock towels     Dock chairs   
Stuff to leave at home!
Friends who are not listed on your Rental Agreement   *  Pets to a non-pet friendly house   *   Tents, Travel Trailers, or RVs   *  Fireworks  *  Firewood from outside of Virginia